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Burgundy Corset style top with antler and ivy embroidered decoration.

Inspired by medieval fabric corsets, this top will definitely add a pop of colour to your outfit. Created in a Burgundy Cotton Twill for the outer layer and lined with a lightweight cotton in Light Grey on the inside. This top is fastened with eyelets on the front, sides and shoulders to ensure that whatever your shape, it will fit nice and snug.

machine embroidered design on both front sides as well as a large embroidery across the back

Leather Thong fastenings to create a corset style top

This can be recreated in other colours if you wish, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a custom order!

Comes In several Sizes (UK Sizes)


Cleaning Info:

Remove Leather Thong
Hand wash (Warm not hot) in a basin and agitate with detergent to clean
take care around the eyelets to not pull them loose
Replace water with clean and rinse-Repeat until detergent has gone
Air dry
Can be ironed on a medium-high heat
Replace leather thong
Please keep checking back on our store, we try to update with new items as soon as we can!

Love and LARPing! 


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Burgundy Antler Corset vest top

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