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Fabric Bracers For LARP and Cosplay

These embroidered Bracers are a great addition to your costume, They come with eyelet fastenings and with leather thong to fasten it snug to your arm.

The bracers are fleece lined so perfect for colder events or evenings

These bracers are measured at 26 cm diameter (Near the elbow) and 18cm diameter near the wrist. They measure 28cm top to bottom point.

Other embroidery colours are available, please get in touch for custom order

Please check out our shop page for more LARP Items, We are adding new items frequently

*Cleaning Instructions*

remove leather thong
Hand wash with warm water in a basin and agitate with detergent
rinse with clean water until detergent is gone.
Squeeze excess water out being careful not to pull eyelets loose
dry flat
iron on medium heat
replace leather thong

Copper Tree Fabric Bracers

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