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Getting up and running again

So today I am sending my first item after reopening a short while ago, I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back crafting again. Life can throw a lot of things in the way just to shake things up and make sure you are paying attention, and losing my home and place of work definitely was one of them. Now that everything is a bit more settled, I can focus on crafting again, I have a new home in the city of Leeds and a new workshop (again in Leeds)

Also with the end of lockdown and things looking a bit more normal for the majority of us, things are looking a lot brighter.

I'm also looking forward to taking Another World Apparel on the road again at some point this year as I'm hoping to get into a couple of local craft fairs and Conventions towards the end of the summer.

This was a bit of a brain dump post, so if you read it, thank you for checking out my blog and keep checking back, I'm hoping to keep a more active presence in here, updates on new products, work in Progress posts and what-not.

Till next time



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