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Jan/Feb 2023

Absolutely loving the start of this year, it's been so full of great things! I'm starting up a line of gaming gear aimed at "Dungeons and Dragons" as a player of the game myself (currently running with a High Elf Ranger) I kind of get what DnD players are after.....more loot and shines hehe!

If your reading this before checking the shop page out, you should check out the first wave of our gaming supplies, but here's a pic anyway ;)

Having fun playing with new fabrics as well, these currently come in a Bolton Twill which is a soft feeling canvas material and a plush velvet. All the bags come with a thick satin lining in black. These bags are pretty heavy duty to hold your hoards of dice.

I'm also organising getting out and about again this year doing more trade shows, conventions and festivals,I'll be updating the list on the home page of our latest adventures as soon as bookings come in. If your heading to one of the events we're trading at please come say hi!

Here's a pic of my stall from York Winter Comic-Con at York Racecourse

Now that I'm back home, I've got a few things to sort out, mostly cleaning my studio after getting all the stock ready for Comic-Con, then back on with crafting. The next event is the Swordpunk weekend which is a medieval martial arts training weekend, lots of swordfighting, axe throwing and much more. I'll be taking part as well as taking some stock to show off to folk :D

Let's see what the next few months bring

Love and Larping!


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